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 FEG operates its business under five Divisions which provide customers with a full range of services for different stages of the exploration and production phase in the upstream oil and gas sector. The five Divisions operate synergistically and individual services can also be integrated and customised to cater for every customer’s specific requirements.


Marine Division:

The Marine Division has a fleet of offshore support vessels to provide direct support to its customers, mainly in the production phase of oil and gas projects. The Group will acquire vessels of different sizes and with different technical specifications and equipment configuration to cater to a wider group of customers.


Currently, FEG owns and operates a fleet of over 20 vessels including Accommodation Work Barges, Multi-functional Support Vessels, Seismic Vessels, Anchor Handling Tug and Offshore Supply Vessels and harbour tugs (ASD) Vessels.  These provide a wide range of platform supply and engineering services such as offshore hook-up and commissioning, offshore conductor piling, hydraulic work-over/ coiled tubing/well stimulation and pipe trenching. The two new technically advanced Multi-Functional Support Vessels (MFSV) the Berani and Berjaya are equipped with DP2 that are suitable for shallow water as well as deep water operations.


Oilfield Services Division:

The Oilfield Services Division provides services such as agencies, logistics, procurement and other general support activities. It provides such services to oil and gas majors, national oil companies, oil and gas contractors and shipyards worldwide. The Oilfield Services Division also provides engineering and consultancy services for the construction of oil rigs and offshore support vessels.  The Division has earned a reputation for delivering timely, efficient and cost-effective solutions and services.


Oilfield Projects Division:

Since 2008, the Group’s Oilfield Projects Division has been involved in projects and investments related to the offshore marine and oil and gas industries. It executes various projects of varying nature, such as building and leasing of specialised seismic vessels and marketing agency for oil companies, which can range from small facilities to multi-million dollar heavy oil facilities


Drilling Services Division:

The Drilling Services Division was set up in 2011 with the intention to establish a modern fleet of jack-up rigs with its strategic partners. The rigs will meet the current market demand for newer high specification rigs with advanced technology that provide better drilling capability, more cost-effective operation and safety features that conform to current environmental control regulations . The Division will provide drilling and related services to the oil majors, national oil companies and oil and gas contractors. The Group currently has on order, four GustoMSC CJ-50 and one Keppel FELS Super B Class jack-up rigs. These will be delivered between mid-2015 to mid-2016.


Resources Division:

The Resources Division was set up in 2010 in response to the Group’s belief that there is a promising potential for long-term demand for coal, especially from North Asia. The aim of the Resources Division is to create another energy-related stream of revenue for the group.


The long-term plan of the Resources Division is to accumulate coal reserves and operate its own mines. Currently, the Resources Division has acquired the commercial rights to three coal-mining concessions in East Kalimantan, Indonesia at good valuations.  

The Group’s team of geologists will continue to conduct surveys and feasibility studies at various locations in Indonesia with a view to further acquisitions